Hot-dip galvanizing is the process of dipping fabricated steel in a bath (or “kettle") of molten zinc in order to create a chemical and physical barrier against corrosion.


This galvanized finish is applied to any steel products used in any environment where corrosion is possible. Galvanizing will protect steel for decades longer than any other corrosion protection method, especially in harsh conditions.

Any bare metal will oxidize with time. The humidity and acidity in the environment will ultimately determine how badly and quickly the metal will corrode. Looked at this way, galvanizing is not a cost - it is a value-added service that will extend the life of any steel or iron product for longer than any other process.

The Best Corrosion Protection

Galvanizing is what is known as cathodic protection. The zinc infiltrates and effectively becomes part of the product by chemically bonding with the steel. As a result, dents, dings, or scratches will not cause it to rust.

Other corrosion protection methods (paint, powder coating, etc.) only provide a physical barrier – no matter how well or thickly applied, they are likely to be compromised (sometimes before the product even gets to the end user) and start rusting immediately. It is therefore no surprise that on a full life-cycle basis, galvanizing is usually less expensive than painting and other corrosion protection methods – often significantly so.

From a manufacturing standpoint, galvanizing requires fewer steps than alternatives, is cleaner, and not weather dependent in any way. Manufacturers stand to save space, enjoy a cleaner environment, and be able to re-purpose shop space for more profitable production steps or endeavours. So instead of painting, why not let us take care of everything?

And if painting is required, a duplex coating (painting on top of galvanized steel) works very well.

Who Should Galvanize?

If you are specifying corrosion protection, we hope that galvanizing will be the default option for most projects.

If you are a manufacturer of steel equipment or products, your product will look better, last longer, and provide better performance with galvanizing.

As a Norgalv customer with an end-user client, you can count on Norgalv to excel in service and quality so that the next time there is work to be done, there will be NO QUESTION of trust in the process. 


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